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If Caity went to our school she is one junior I would risk class warfare over, I could easily fall for this girl. Michelle went to the same school as Caity, which explains why I had never met her either. Her ass was tight and hard, and wearing the bikini that she was, she was showing that elusive thigh gap that all the guys lust after.

Michelle was probably about five foot two, but was a very petite little thing. In spite of all that, what struck me was those eyes.

I didn’t know if she was dating anyone specific but there was always a horde of guys around her trying to get some. She had the most perfect teeth and smile, and the rest of her body was just as incredible, especially lying there in that tiny bikini.

I think I may have just stared for a moment, and then Julie nudged me back to reality.

Is he one of the toys you went next door to retrieve? But, since it was her idea to begin with, and she handled a lot of the decorating and details of the whole thing, I figured I could at least tell her a little bit. ” Julie started to turn a bright red and yelled at Sara “A little louder Sara, my parents might be home.

” I really wasn’t sure how I was supposed to take that question. I started to tell her about what happened after that night. I answered “Julie, you know I don’t give out all the dirty details. What happened is between me and her” She said “You already TOLD me that you fucked her. Like I said, Sara was kind of crazy, and at this point at least a little drunk. Let’s just announce that to the whole neighborhood”. Sara was already over with the others telling them I was the one Julie had told them about at camp.

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The little “prom date” that we had dreamed up was a couple weeks ago and I had not updated her as to the results. She brought with her a bottle of one of those flavored vodkas, some kind of berry flavor. Now I know why everything was flying over the fence, and all the giggling I was hearing before. I asked Julie “So these are all the girls from camp?Now most guys would figure that this is the perfect opportunity to invite yourself over and fulfill a cheerleader fantasy or two.You know, it was just me and five cheerleaders alone in the pool. There was only one problem with that idea, Julie and her friends were all going to be juniors while I was just a lowly sophomore.So Julie was going to be a junior, and I was going to be a sophomore. Then one of them spoke up and said “Hey wait a minute, we said no boyfriends!It was okay for us to be friends because we are neighbors, but the two of us dating, or anything else, would be a serious class violation. All that being said, I decided to just lounge by the pool, work on my tan all day, and ignore the temptation on the other side of the fence. ” to which Julie responded “He’s not my boyfriend, he’s neighbor boy”.

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