Xbmc updating to frodo

Please note, that the PVR support is in a beta phase, although it is working already very stable.As the time of writing, client-side pause/timeshift of live streams is not yet possible and scheduling a recording is possible only in a very limited way (only one-time recordings so far).

Turned on XBMC on main LCD TV with sound going to Russound.I test XBMC sometimes on Wintel; so far no luck with the updated Myth TV for XBMC plugin. It relates to a manual copy of the PVR program and not using the ZIP file.I didn't want to start from scratch with my update from 12.2 to 12.3. 1 - Exited out of XBMC Version 12.2 to x windows 2 - SSH'd to box and did the following: Here three of my boxes are using the old MCE HP remote control. I do also have a Stream Zap which works but I do not really like it. Fixing it though is a real PITA unless you leave the installed PVR stuff as installed out of the box; then just update the PVR program.Warning: Current version is XBMC 11.0 Eden, the next version XBMC 12.0 Frodo is in an early Alpha Stage and the use of it can only be advised to experienced users who are willing to accept errors and dysfunction for the time being - if so, please read XBMC 12.0 Frodo below.Both of the above can freely installed over an existing Eden installation without loss of any configuration.

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