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Suing a dating website for failing to warn sufficiently of "stranger danger" is lunacy.If she doesn't understand that ANY person she meets in any venue at any time who is physically stronger than her (and many who aren't) can injure or kill her, she needs to stay off the internet, lock her door, and have her only friend in the world bring her groceries. There's about the same chance of meeting someone at a bar and on match. There's absolutely no difference between a bar and match, (besides being on the net and lack of liquor) as much as you want there to be.The companies said they have already taken similar steps to protect their customers, even before the public announcement was made on Tuesday.

Maybe, it's because I'm older, married or a little of both, I, and most of the people in my peer group do not equate going to a bar with the objective of getting laid, a date, or even, female company? They were the main pick up place for one nighters for my friends at all those ages. The set of business principles for the industry, which are also meant to screen out fraudsters, additionally includes providing customers with means to rapidly report abuse.

...doesn't believe they should think thoughts someone else could have thunk for them.

From "no shit Sherlock" warning labels on products to meaningless "Don't try this at home" disclaimers. Suing BFFs for introducing you to the sister of the bloke who used you for a punching bag?

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Las Vegas -- An online dating service says a Las Vegas woman has no legal basis for her lawsuit seeking million after she was matched with a man who hid in her garage and brutally attacked her. She said shed known Wade Ridley only eight days when she broke up with him in September 2010. I see no case here that will cause to have to pay her anything.

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