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Yet gamers have a completely different attitude, an almost sheep-like acceptance of antisocial behavior, simply because it's not expressly forbidden by those who make and manage the games.

Sure, you're technically allowed to impersonate a female player to sweet-talk loot from another player, and you'll probably get away with cleaning out the guild bank and surreptitiously disbanding the guild on a whim, just as you're allowed to post cruel comments on gaming forums with lax moderation.

Gamers are passionate about their own accomplishments, but they're also becoming passionate about favorite guilds or players who are at the apex of success.

When the guy explains how he was in Method, the young girl's reaction is one of surprise and admiration.

We've seen hints of it here and there, but what we're seeing is the rise of MMOs as a spectator sport.

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It is certainly an interesting finding, but hopefully not one that will have psychology students downing books for joypads.

" and "No idea."We're not there yet, but it's partially our fault because we're largely the ones who keep gaming from being an accepted part of mainstream culture.

Non-gamers tend to view gamers generally as antisocial, but we're not doing much to fight the stereotype when we readily accept certain types of behavior and language as "part of the game." The main problem is that too many gamers assume that if you can do something in your favorite game and get away with it, it's OK to do.

We're so dependent on GMs setting the rules in game and on forums that we don't try to police ourselves.

Sports stories are filled with news about players, coaches and even spouses doing things that, while allowed, really aren't acceptable, and they end up getting heaps of criticism as a result.

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