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All the psychologists and advice columnists were wrong — sometimes married men DO leave their wives for their mistresses, and sometimes they even live happily ever after, thereby disproving your mother’s warning that “just because he cheated on her doesn’t mean he won’t cheat on you.” Wait a minute — scratch that last paragraph, says Gilda Carle, a New York therapist and author of For those mistresses out there who see themselves validated by Camilla Parker-Bowles, for those who believe that patience and persistence will get them to the altar in the end, a distressed-sounding Carle had the answer in three words: “No, no, no! Charles knew Camilla well before he met Diana, Camilla married someone else before he did, and she even encouraged him to marry her for the sake of having heirs.

It’s a totally different situation than for most men, who are perfectly happy the way things are.

The reason I call it brain damage is because the guy has to alter his thinking to such extremes that he is behaving as if he is brain damaged. A man has to have a flawed mindset to be open to this sort of thing.

After all, why would anyone in their right mind destroy all of the years they have built? I know a couple of men who believe that their “real soulmate” was a former girlfriend.

If this occurs, and both people believe they cannot be happy unless they are together, then people are going to get hurt.I think this is one of the situations where a man might marry his mistress.Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are an example of an old-flame rekindled.I wrote her back in and tried to explain in her native language that I was happily married, that I would not answer her husband, and I would never engage in an affair.The emails kept coming from him, but I never opened them.

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