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Kris Wu, #MCJin, and American hip hop trio #Migos will cover the show’s North American auditions.#邓紫棋 #潘玮柏 #吴亦凡 #张震岳 #热狗 #欧阳靖 #中国新说唱 pic.twitter.com/C2me8c XWe N Wilber Pan Model : @willpan23 Outfit: @LANVINofficial Photo credit: @Studio Fremont #fashionphotographer #singer #fashionstyle #fashion #fashionphotography #Sebastien Fremont #Olivier Lapidus #lanvin #Taiwanese #chinese #潘瑋柏 #潘玮柏 #willpan #willpan23 # seemingly denies flight attendant dating rumors with a cryptic Instagram video of American musician Stevie Wonder saying, "Music is real [...] gossip is BS." C-netz rejoice as popular pairing Wilber Pan/Wu Xin lives to see another day.All the media wanted to talk about was her reported break up with much younger boyfriend of two years Prince.Rainie coolly admitted she’s getting used to being single again but didn’t elaborate any further.She’s like a walking manga shoujo heroine, with a saltier real life personality.It’s been much too long since I’ve seen Rainie acting, and two short mini-movies in the last three years doesn’t cut it.

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That proves that Wilber is really a hot property."When proposed that the two of them should be together since both are single, Charlene responded, "I would rather date someone from Hong Kong.Long-distance relationship is hard."However, she admitted that even finding someone in Hong Kong is hard these days, especially since she is busy all the time and that good men are already taken.The currently 33 years old Charlene Choi(蔡卓妍) has been busy focusing on her professional career after her breakup with ex-boyfriend William Chan(陳偉霆) back in 2015.As reported on Mingpao News, the singer, who attended a jewellery event recently, was telling the media that she may be celebrating her birthday on 22 November working in mainland China, when asked if she has plans to celebrate it with Wilber.Back in August, the two singers were rumoured to be dating just because Wilber tagged Charlene in a photo of him wearing a similar black mask that Charlene owned."The funniest thing is that people really believe it," said Charlene.

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