Who is really dating on gossip girl dating knowles lil solange wayne

A snooping classmate witnesses Dan telling Vanessa and steals his phone when he’s in the heat of the moment.

After reading through Dan’s texts, his classmate sends the juicy news about Lilly and Rufus to Gossip Girl.

Jenny escapes when she’s grounded to put on a fashion show, you know just normal 15-year-old girl stuff.

Rufus and Dan are going mad trying to figure out where she might have gone.

But I lived in the Upper East Side in a really tiny and normal apartment and never experienced the classism that the show portrays.

All of my super rich neighbors were really, really nice!

Now, if that’s not enough to convince you, let’s take a second and acknowledge the fact that no 18-year-old boy in his right mind would send a picture of his girlfriend buying a pregnancy test to his entire school.3.

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But, after re-watching the series four times, I have deemed myself an expert, and my expertise tells me there is no possible way Dan Humphrey can be gossip girl.They haven’t talked about the reason they broke up in the spring (Georgina), and Dan doesn’t want to have to explain it to his dad when he doesn’t know where the relationship is heading himself.But his reluctance to make the relationship public doesn’t stop him from kissing Serena passionately in the middle of New York City. Someone snags a photo and sends it into Gossip Girl, but if Dan were so against telling their family and friends, why would he post a photo that outed them to the entire Upper East Side? Season 2, Episode 9: There Might Be Blood Ah, the first of Jenny’s many dramatic pleas for attention.In the midst of their search, Dan opens the computer to Gossip Girl to see a picture of Nate and Jenny kissing at The Palace.This leaves Dan confused as to why Nate and Jenny are kissing, but relieved to know she is safe.

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