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An American film and TV actor, producer, director, writer, and a comedian, he is recognized for his performance in the movie “Sorority Boys” and for depicting “Lex Luthor” on the Superman television series “Smallville.” A role that included in their 2013 list of The 60 Nastiest Villains of All Time and his the latest playing a role as “Dutch Nilbog” in the Fox’s “Breaking In” Michael Rosenbaum, receiving several awards for his acting in numerous shows.

In 2001, Rosenbaum got a “Saturn Award” for his portrayal of “Lex Luthor” on the longest-running television series “Smallville.” In February 2008, Rosenbaum affirmed that he would leave Smallville after the seventh period of the show, however in 2011, he returned for the arrangement finale.

His mother was a writer and his father worked at a pharmaceutical.

The relation didn't have a fairytale ending as they broke up in 2013.

They first met each other on the set of Smallville in 2007 and started dating sometime later in 2012.

Sources reveal that Rosenbaum has been in a relationship with other beautiful actresses like Candice King and Danielle Haris.

He dated both of the actresses in 2010, but the relation could not last longer.

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