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Harry released the other inhabitants of the room as his father grabbed his shoulder, but he shrugged him off.

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An ozone smell wafted around the room, and the enchanted ceiling of Hogwarts began to storm over. Strange calmed his son, and Goblet of Fire floated behind him, protected by a purple shield.

Strange and all the other Marvel casters in his life. BTW – Skrulls are a Shape shifting alien race who have played major roles in Marvel history. Harry Potter looked towards the Skrull, his eyes glowing an eerie green.

The "New Avengers" had discovered that the Skrulls had infiltrated the Superhero community, but he had never imagined that they would discover the Wizarding World, or even care to infiltrate this backwards society.

"Who knows how long this bastard has been here, in a school full of children, with Susie!

I'll make him talk and tell us all about their plans."Harry moved towards the Skrull, fully intent on ripping the information from it, but the green shape-shifter had other ideas.

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