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But the Jonas juggernaut is moving so fast and furiously that Brand's insults are water off their backs.

Lovato also revealed that it was her relationship with the Jonas Brothers that helped her through her addiction.

The Jonas Brothers were a bone fide band on the brink of modest fame when they agreed to star as a fictional group in the Disney blockbuster, Camp Rock.

But the made-for-TV film, which attracted 24.5 million viewers in the U. The thousands of squealing girls at this week's British premiere are testimony to the fact that Kevin, 20, Joe, 19, and Nick, 15, are global sensations.

Like the Osmonds and Jacksons, the Jonas boys come as a package - Joe refused to sign up to Camp Rock unless his brothers were given roles.

The Jonas Brothers (from left to right) Kevin, Joe and Nick arrive for the Disney Channel European premiere of Camp Rock in London this week So what is the frenzy all about? Mitchie (Demi Lovato), a teenager of modest means, wants to prove herself to Shane Gray, a brattish pop star (Joe Jonas).

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