Whitney port dating jared leto

By Keiran Southern, Press Association Los Angeles Correspondent Roseanne Barr has been widely condemned as stars reacted with disgust to her comments comparing a former Barack Obama adviser to an ape.

I love Thirty Seconds to Mars but only sitting in front of them did I realise all their songs kind of sound the same. Jared Leto is a natural frontman, catering to all sides of the stage which was unusually placed just three quarters of the way into the floor, not quite at the front but not quite the middle.

There’s something quite motivational and meaningful about his actions, like he’s encouraging us to rally together against some oppressive system.

Playing what is arguably the best song of the album; Dangerous Night, giant inflatable balloons are released in the crowds. As compelling as his performance, I’m reminded of the last time I was at the enormous 02 venue; to see Linkin Park which is all the more ominous now.

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Vasquez at Petroglyph National Monument to raise awareness for the National Park Foundation on Thursday in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Lindsay Lohan fights to stop her father from selling pages from her old diary. And Jessica Yellin made a terrible earthquake-related pun. An ex-boyfriend tells Gawker about the gap between Tila's "gangbanger" youth and famewhoring present: She was an alcohol-intolerant straight-edger with a split personality and unyielding ambition.

Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta saved young Haitians.

[NYDN] • Lindsay Lohan was supposed to chaperone her little sister to a party at LA's Roosevelt Hotel on Monday night, but ended up "getting up close and personal" with ex-boyfriend Jared Leto instead.

Jared Leto's intense driver's license picture. Brooke and Jack, however, say the push never even happened, and Kiefer was running around drunk and "looking for something to smack." The police are now investigating the matter, since apparently there aren't more important crimes to be tackling right now.

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