What makes a good dating profile headline

At first, I scoffed at him and his almost whimsical stories of dating drop-dead gorgeous college girls that reportedly swooned over him.“Yeah right dude, you know they’re just gold diggers after your money,” I jadedly responded.You can thank me later.” That’s how my new embarkment into the sugar dating world started.Before getting on the site, Secret Benefits, I decided it would be best I look into sugar dating further before I get into something I’ve never done before.

Of course, guys try sometimes, my profile is not going to deter them all from asking, but that’s why most everyone asks what the other is looking for before we ever meet.” “Since I started dating sugar daddies I’ve been able to cover nearly 60 grand in school expenses, and I’ve been able to go to a few really cool places too, but my schooling always comes first, so I can’t always just jet set which has ended a few of my sugar daddies contacting me again, but hey, I can’t sacrifice immediate gratification for my future.”Our relationship has been the most fulfilling I’ve had since I can remember.

It just wasn’t going to happen unless I was up to my ears in debt…that I most likely would struggle to pay off for the rest of my life, so I knew about the concept of sugar dating and gave it a try.

I’ve dated all kinds, from Wall Street guys to doctors and lawyers, and even an ex-pro athlete, but it was never about one-night stands.

We have a great time together whenever we go out and I love having her stay over with me.

Yes, I have agreed to pay for her studio and help support her art classes and supplies, but it’s nothing in exchange for her uplifting and quirky energy that brings so much joy to my life.

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