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Some good clubs to meet Guangzhou girls would be Wave Club, Duo Club, Kama Club and Tang Club.Some cool bars to check out are Parry Irish Pub, Puridgy long, The Tavern, and Hooley’s.The Smooch API is designed according to REST principles.The API accepts JSON in request bodies and requires that the header be specified for all such requests. Depending on context, resources may be returned as single objects or as arrays of objects, nested within the response object.One night stands are great, but marrying one of these girls could be one of the better options as they are very loyal and fiercely protective of you because the way it works there is that almost every girl that wants a foreigner will be trying to steal you at every single moment she is not around you.

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Bars and discos on the other hand, they will be fine to have a chat and test the waters.

Being in Guangzhou you are a very rare exotic species where it’s a road less travelled and not many foreigners will go here looking for women.

The only problem is the lack of communication in the local language will definitely be the only thing working against you.

Just remember to have a big smile on your face and come off in a non threatening way.

Taikoo is a very upscale mall where you might be able to meet some ‘hiso’ girls in this location.

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