Vista network icon not updating

The following plugins have been known to cause startup problems in Mozilla browsers: " depends on version), use another browser to download the Firefox or Sea Monkey installer and save it to your desktop or other location.

You should then delete the program folder for your Mozilla browser and run the installer you previously downloaded.

you must reinstall Firefox (or other Mozilla browser) and check your system for malware.

See This application has failed to start because js3250was not found for more information.

If the problem persists, download the Firefox setup file from, remove the "Mozilla Firefox" program folder and then, with Zone Alarm Force Field turned off, reinstall Firefox. [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] If you see a message similar to Your computer must be restarted to complete a previous upgrade of Firefox after a major update (e.g., from Firefox 3.6 to 8.0) and restarting the computer doesn't help: On Windows, open the Mozilla Firefox installation directory (e.g., C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox or, on 64-bit Windows, C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox) and delete the file "moz-upgrade", if found.

See Issues related to plugins for plugin locations and additional troubleshooting information, including how to disable plugins if your browser will not start.

As a workaround, try disabling the two System Mechanic services.

You can also try renaming the "iolo HL.dll" file in the C:\Program Files\iolo\Common\Lib folder.

You may see an error message similar to: - Application Error. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or other browsers may also fail to start.

The instruction at “0x5a9288f8” referenced memory at “0x5a9288f8”. See if updating System Mechanic fixes the problem or, if don't need the program, consider uninstalling it.

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