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These Ok Cupid features highlight how far our culture has drifted from God’s view of marriage, sex, and gender.

Really, all things have been deemed permissible by our culture, and dating sites are becoming more about gratifying sexual desires then anything else. ” Acceptable is then based on a purely emotional argument where “love” is used to determine whether or not something is permissible.

This is the same attitude that ancient Israel exhibited: “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges ).

In 21st-century America it has become “We don’t want there to be a God in America, so everyone does what’s right in their own eyes.” Ok Cupid is a popular dating website that is visited by millions of people each year.

The same sins that we see today were there before but the difference is that, generally speaking, the culture held to God’s Word as the moral standard for behavior and choices. As a whole, our culture has rejected God’s Word as its moral foundation. Hodges in June 2015, when the Supreme Court made gay “marriage” legal across the United States.

This was the culmination of years of rejecting God’s Word and instead basing morality on man’s ever-changing opinions and reasoning.

Morality was largely determined by what God’s Word taught.

Marriage and sex were both sacred to the culture because God’s Word views them as sacred.

Profiles which we think are inappropiate will be deleted without warning!

Those who do marry have divorce as an escape route and, sadly, many will choose to use it.

Sex, which has traditionally been viewed as exclusively for married couples, has been cheapened to the point where “one-night stands” with relative strangers are acceptable and in many cases expected.

Its features are the epitome of America’s changing concepts on marriage, sex, and gender.

In 2014 Ok Cupid launched features allowing users to choose from 22 different gender and 12 sexual orientation options to describe themselves.

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