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Not a fantastic movie by any stretch, but interesting to see how much Phnom Penh has changed in 10 years and if nothing else for the strange pleasure of seeing James Caan speaking, and indeed singing, in Khmer!This recent Australian drama follows four friends whose Cambodian holiday takes a very dark path, and then the after-effects of this on their lives back in Australia.


The Pyramids of Egypt, Machu Pichu in Peru and one of them, for sure, in my books, is Angkor Wat in Cambodia. A labyrinth of ancient temples so colossal in scale, it’ll leave you breathless.

Production was beset by problems throughout, leaving star Peter O’Toole to describe the experience of filming in Cambodia as “sheer hell.” The real Dith Pran, one of the main characters of The true story of Benjamin Prüfer and Sreykeo Solvan, a backpacker and a bar girl who find love in Cambodia against the odds.

This German-made film (in a mixture of German, English and Khmer with subtitles) stars David Kross of fame.

But there have been international productions throughout the intervening years that have been set in, or have used Cambodia as part of their story. The quintessential movie to see about Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge period.

The film, while covering the effects of Pol Pots dictatorship concentrates on the real story of friendship between American journalist Sydney Schanberg and his Cambodian translator Dith Pran.

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