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If someone believes in Yahweh but not in Vishnu, they need cohesive (and, I would say, evidence-based) reasons for rejecting one and accepting the other, just as someone would need an evidence-based reason to accept some alien stories and reject others. To complete the analogy, though we have differing beliefs about those details, we agree that the Susan we’re talking about is the first wife of Bob (about whom we are in substantial agreement), wears a brace on her left leg because of a collision with an SUV, and owns a pug.

The illustration says, “Look: we both reject [god A] because there’s no evidence for his existence, we both reject [god B] because ….”, and it raises the question of why believers in a particular god believe in the absence of evidence. Similarly, though Christians and Muslims believe different things about Allah (which, for those who are unaware, is just Arabic for “the God,” and is used by Arab Christians), they believe he created the universe the universe, formed a first man named Adam out of earth, and was the God of both Abraham and Jesus. For one thing the majority of modern day christians refuse or do not acknowledge any god by the name of YAhweh.

The question is whether choosing a religion is a more rational process than picking a partner.

Do people consciously choose a religion to follow after they’ve studied all religions and settled on the best?

Denying the existence of members of pantheons is quite different from denying the existence of God.

Choosing partners is irrational and does not commit one to believing that the person they’ve picked is objectively superior to anyone else’s partner.

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I’ve always liked John Lennox’s reply to the ‘But you’re an atheist with respect to so and so — I just go one god fewer than you do’ claim: it’s like a celibate person telling a married person, ‘But you’re celibate with respect to every other possible partner — I just go one partner fewer than you do.’ i love this!

When they realise that their beliefs clash with other people’s beliefs they try to defend their own religion against other religions.

But the exercise is futile unless there are agreed criteria for choosing one religion over another like there are in choosing one scientific theory over another.

(Just as they’d consider all these other gods to be obviously fake or false).

If I were to get into an discussion with someone who was apolitical, and ask them how they could have absolutely no interest in how the country is being run, their pointing out that I also reject all political philosophies except the one I hold wouldn’t strike me as a a particularly persuasive argument.

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