Validating data entry

All students will be assigned engineering projects attached to courses of programme.

Students will conduct projects throughout the year until their classes finish and they go to their work placement .

DSTI provides active help, advice and support throughout its industrial and academic partners network however.

Online education students will be tutored by a DSTI Professor in selecting a data science engineering problem for a given industrial application and write an engineering proposal, covering state-of-the-art literature, to propose a solution.

As a DSTI Applied MSc student and upon completion of the programme , you may wish to continue your specialisation studies.

Official releases have stable APIs, therefore are a good foundation for adding your plug-ins and features. While you can install the necessary tools in any Eclipse package, it is typically easier to download the Eclipse Standard distribution which contains all necessary tools for plug-in development.

and immerse themselves into a data science industrial environment.

Finding a work placement opportunity is a student’s responsibility.

On-Campus self-funded students are normally exempt of French/EU VAT collection.

In any case, please get in touch with us to check which scenario applies.28 y/o) may be required by the French Government to pay an extra 250€ for gaining medical coverage (social security).

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