Validating biomarkers for effective drug development

Optimized biomarkers can enable much more targeted use of drugs and better patient stratification for clinical trials.

In a standard Biomarker Discovery project, we combine patient data (typically case-control data) with in-depth data mining and understanding of protein pathways and networks to investigate and identify novel drug targets.

Identifying, validating and measuring one biomarker is cheaper than many.

However, as we discover more about biomarker signatures it is unrealistic to think that the single biomarker is the right approach.

All face-to-face meetings take place at our clients’ facility, unless another location is desired.

Each project is tailored specifically to generate the most valuable outcome, taking available data, in-house capabilities, timelines etc. A key factor in the successful outcomes with our partners, is the close interaction and communication we have from planning the projects and all the way through project execution and presentation of the project deliverables.

We typically have bi-weekly Webex update/planning meetings with the client and have face-to-face meetings every 2-3 months during the project.

A biomarker is a measurable indicator of the severity or presence of a specific disease state.

It indicates a change in expression or state of a biomolecule, that correlates with the risk or progression of a disease, or with the susceptibility of the disease to a given treatment.

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