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Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that matter.” – Esther Lee“My best date I’ve ever been one was when Fiona Ong flew all the way from Singapore to London to celebrate Christmas with me.

We had a homecooked Surf and Turf meal at our Airbnb. She did it because she thought that it would keep me warm in winter. ” – Nelvin Quek “The best date I’ve ever been on was by far the simplest!

My experience also made me have more appreciation and awareness of the things around me. We were both far from professional skaters, so it loosened up the vibe a bit.

It was really a spectacular night especially for animal lovers like us.

We came across an ice cream uncle and decided to grab some ice cream and take a break on the benches at a badminton court. Both of us ended up eating our ice cream under the night sky and talking about anything and everything, it really felt like a drama.

️ I guess sometimes the best dates come unexpectedly!

We ended off the night with stargazing and drinking a bottle of Sakura wine at a secret spot “Cycling around Coney Island!

We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and fresh air, got closer to nature and I put my gadgets aside for that few hours!

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