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To access Data Roaming on your i Phone, go to Settings - Data Roaming.Just like before, Data Roaming is on when the switch is green and off when the switch is gray.If you really want to be safe, I recommend turning off Cellular Data entirely when you’re traveling abroad.You’ll still be able to send photos and check your email when you’re on Wi-Fi, and you won’t be surprised by a massive phone bill when you get home. I hope my explanation of cellular data and data roaming on i Phone helps you feel a little more at ease when you use your wireless data connection.To see if your i Phone is using LTE, go to Settings - Enable LTE.This setting turns off LTE so your i Phone uses a slower data connection, like 4G or 3G.You’ll only want to choose Data Only if you’re having trouble making phone calls with LTE. At the time of this writing, Verizon and AT&T are the only wireless carriers that use LTE for phone calls, and both of them don’t count LTE voice as part of your data plan.There are rumors that T-Mobile will add voice over LTE (or Vo LTE) to its lineup in the near future.

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For almost everyone, it’s a good idea to leave Cellular Data on.

When Cellular Data isn’t on, your i Phone can’t access the internet when you’re on the go.

You’ll find Cellular Data in Settings - Cellular Data. When Cellular Data is on, you’ll see LTE in the upper left-hand corner of your i Phone. It’s the fast data connection available, unless you’re using Wi-Fi.

Have no fear: Data roaming has no effect on your phone bill when you’re anywhere in the United States.

I remember when it used to, but several years ago the wireless providers agreed to do away with roaming charges for good. This is important: Roaming charges can be exorbitantly high when you’re traveling abroad.

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