Updating your nim file sets

In other words it'll run on Q68, Q60, QPC and SMSQmulator. (4K) [12/12/02] Breakout - Another version of breakout for the QL. (3K) [12/10/15] Bridge - A program to help you play Bridge. The Boot program installs Turbo Toolkitto run the bridge3_bas version.

(5K) [12/12/02] Breakout - Another version of breakout for the QL, from Jean-Yves Rouffiac (8K) [12/12/02] Breakout4 - Another break-a-brick-out-of-the-wall game. Sorry, no notes as to the differences between the three versions.

As usual, the more the worm eats, the longer it gets. - Solves the letters problem in Spanish TV's "Cifras y Letras", finds any word within the DRAE.(Pedro Reina) (375K) [12/12/02] Camel - Cross the desert on a camel in this game (4K) [12/12/02] Catchjack - a game written in Super BASIC and based in London 1888, whereby you have to use an identikit to identify a suspec, possibly Jack The Ripper.

In fact there are three versions of the game, although sadly no instructions file. I am grateful to Rich Mellor for securing permission from the late authors' family to release this for free download.

Move hexagonal cells across the board to combine 4 or more cells with the same faces to get one cell with a new face.

The game finishes if the hexagonal cell map is full.

Needs SMSQ/E v3.00 or later with GD2 (colour drivers) and QMenu by Jochen Merz.

Can use the Sampled Sound System for sound effects if available on your system.

(14K) [13/02/13] Darts - A graphical game of darts (29K) [12/12/02] Decimal Invaders - fire matching characters at the invaders to eliminate them in this pointer driven game from the Launchpad suite.

(Pete Etheridge) (56K) [09/01/17] Bridge4- a fourth version of the Bridge program, again not sure of the differences in each version. A variation on the theme of innumerable 'Snake' games, with neat MODE 8 graphics and BEEP jingles.

The main challenge is to keep the voracious slime worm from chomping through itself or running into a wall.

(11K) [25/11/12]- An arcade game inspired by an old 8 bit game called Boulderdash.

The game needs SMSQ/E and a screen of at least 512x384 pixels in 8 bit colour. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (207K) [11/05/18] Breakout - a version of Breakout for the QL (8K) [12/12/02] Breakout - The classic game of Breakout - demolish a wall!

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