Updating to windows mobile 6 1

In case you’re having a hard time figuring out how to get started, there’s a quick help tool that highlights and describes core functions.Obviously, an Internet connection is a must-have, so in case something goes wrong, you should have a look at the main window, where you also get information on the connection status in a dedicated panel.The evidence that Windows Mobile 6.5 could soon be moving beyond the stylus to gather finger-friendly, multi-touch, capacitive screens into its long, loving arms has been mounting with the leak of the HTC Leo ROM and Touch Flo 3D 2.6.

It gets along pretty well with modern iterations of Windows, and administrator privileges are not required. The forward DNS entries ("A" records) for windows machines on the domain are populated automatically.However, the reverse DNS entries ("PTR" Records) are not.This article covers the default security settings for DNS zones: the settings are jacked up (or even if they are fine), you might try just blowing away the reverse zone and recreating it since you basically have a non-functioning reverse zone as it is...Try running an "ipconfig /registerdns" on one of the clients and see if it adds a record to the reverse zone.

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