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So much so that government regulation and scrutiny of the company might actually be in the best interest of U. "Some publishers now see upwards of 75 percent of their social traffic coming from Facebook." And the company wants more.Instead of merely linking to stories, videos and memes on news websites, Facebook is encouraging publishers to post that content directly to Facebook itself.From time to time, presidents would use the Fairness Doctrine to squelch dissenting opinions. Johnson's administration used the rule to harass right-wing broadcasters.Richard Nixon used it to silence opponents of his Vietnam War policy.(Twitter, try as it might, doesn't quite count.) But the free flow of news and information is essential to the workings of our democracy.Facebook - with its unparalleled access to the audience and ability to influence the financial fate of news organizations - has become too critical to that flow.Facebook is the largest media company on the planet.CEO Mark Zuckerberg is vastly more influential than any of the press barons of old.

Facebook is a publicly traded company and can do whatever it wants, as long as its shareholders (and maybe its users) are happy. Although the site is huge, it isn't really a monopoly. (Yes, Twitter really does count.) There is no shortage of websites aggregating conservative content. But if Facebook wants to make this problem go away, Zuckerberg and company should be a great deal more transparent about how it pushes and promotes content. Joel Mathis (joelmmathisgmail.com) is associate editor for Philadelphia Magazine.

Facebook employees flocking to Donald Trump's campaign - now that would be news!

But the revelation that Facebook's newsfeed curators evidently went out of their way to exclude right-leaning news sources and promote liberal news outlets should trouble everyone.

Truth is, the Fairness Doctrine wasn't fair at all.

Broadcasters complied with the rule by shutting out differing points of view and only airing the blandest of opinions.

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