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Fix: AD Connector: Fix auto-reported crash relating to enumeration of inter-trusted domains missing certain DNS information. Fix: AD Connector: Fix occasional encoding problem for some arguments in LDAP queries. Fix: Help system: Fix auto-reported crash if fails to load 6.

Fix: Schema script: Fix auto-reported crash if script does not include enough operands for various operators 7.

Fix: Minidumps: Fix crash in minidump generation in some cases when shutting down 9.

New: Web Access Rules: Added $ and $ options to block pages.

Fix: Locking: Reverted to FIFO lock acquisition strategy to resolve issues with stablity due to thread starvation on highly contended locks under load. Fix: WWW proxy: Fixed parser problem if response headers contain mixed CR and CRLF line endings. Fix: Credential Rules: fixed lookup failure when multiple IP-matching sub-ranges defined. Fix: Web Access Rules: Fixed display problem in rules if username contained XML special characters (such as ampersand) 5.

Fix: Web Access Rules: Fixed a problem if registry merging resulted in multiple conflicting rule entries. Fix: Win Gate Engine: Fixed a crash on shutdown whilst deleting services 7.

Fix: Win Gate Management: Fixed an automatically reported crash in the user interface relating to requesting credentials from the user. Fix: Telemetry: several fixes relating to missing prefixes.

Version 9.0.3 (Build 5911) Released 25 January 2017 1.

Fix: Win Gate Management: Fixed display issue with categories containing special characters 2.

Fix: TLS in services: fixed allowed cipher suite issue relating to deprecation of RC4 and 3-DES, causing older clients to fail to connect with TLS. Fix: Win Gate Engine: Fixed an automatically reported crash on shut down of Win Gate engine 3.

Fix: Categories: Fixed an automatically reported crash in the user interface when you add a category and clear the name, 4.

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