Updating old outlets

That seems like a big safety hazard, and a good reason to replace my old GFCI outlets before they fail. The GFCI outlets in my house were installed in the mid-90s (in the USA).

However, I haven't found anyone recommending proactive replacement, and if this was a legitimate safety concern I'd expect people to shout it from the rooftops. And they're passing the tests with a GFCI outlet tester.

a corroded or fouled connector or badly brazed joint), then the path to ground could potentially become a much higher resistance than another unintended path.

If an equipment failure occurred that energized the metal water piping it could potentially take a different path to ground and cause injury along the way. Maybe but it would not be the safe method to add an EGC to outlets.thanks for the replies and the code citation in particular.

meaning i have two independent wires running into the main panel but on a single breaker. sorry if i'm using some of the wrong terms, but hopefully that all made sense. i rewired a camper and have done a lot of cat-5 wiring in houses and businesses, but that is it. i just have to remember the consequences of not being meticulous and respectful towards the power i'm dealing with.something i did notice is that at least two circuits are joined to a fuse inside the panel, not in external junction boxes.

meaning i have two independent wires running into the main panel but on a single breaker. Not sure if there is a code problem with this, but I have seen it before and it worked fine in my house.

fortunately much of the electrical in the house is updated and i have a good ground back at the panel, at least i assume i do.

a lot of the updating was done around 1995 by a certified electrician.

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I had an older house where we had to use several of these to accomodate the number of sperately protected circuits that we needed.It would only take one insulated union (connector) in the path to isolate the outlets' EGC from ground.Even if there is a straight path to ground there are three other factors used to make the requirement in E3508.1.1.One option is to get one of those double breakers and put one of the two wires on each side.THe double breakers are two thin breakers banded together and made to fit in a single slot.

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