Updating fields in ms word

When the Header and Footer information of a Section has been deleted, by deletion of the Section Break, it is no longer there and can no longer be referred to by later Sections.

Word is aware of this possibility and takes steps to replace references with the actual information when necessary.

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This effect can sometimes surprise but is wholly explainable and easily avoidable, by adding an explicit paragraph mark at the end of the section. Count End With Number Of Fields = Abs(Fields A Fields B - Fields T) End Function Excruciating detail of the code can be seen here [link to Code on this site] Now you have an automated procedure, all that remains is to find a way to invoke it.

It may be that the Section-specific settings in each of the two Sections differ, in which case Word has to make a decision about how to resolve the clash(es). When the Section Break is deleted all the settings effectively stored within it – Headers, Footers, Page Setup Details (orientation, margins, etc.), Page Borders, and Forms Protection – are also deleted, without so much as a ‘by your leave’.

This leaves the Section before the break with no settings and Word, like nature, abhorring a vacuum, fills the gap with the only settings it has to hand, those of the Section following the Break.

Just one difference is enough to make Word throw caution to the winds and delete all the Headers and Footers from the Section before the Break being deleted.

Perhaps an Example will make it clearer Perhaps an Example will make it clearer [link to Header on this site] Just as with Sections, when you delete a Paragraph Mark you are, in effect, merging two paragraphs into one.

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