Updating computer hardware

The operating system, open programs and their data are held in RAM.The more data you’re working with, the more RAM you need.If you don’t have enough RAM, some of the data has to be written to the hard drive, which is much slower.

Mention depreciation in a conversation, and everyone’s eyes are likely to glaze over. In business, depreciation measures how much and how fast an asset loses value.

If you’re running other programs at the same time, perhaps switching to Photoshop, you may need additional RAM.

A tip – if you’re buying a desktop Mac (not a laptop), it’s much cheaper to buy the extra RAM from OWC (US) or Crucial (International) and install it yourself, rather than paying the Apple premium. The speed of the drive that holds the catalog and previews makes a fairly substantial difference, especially in the Library module and also for startup times.

They were just at my office last week to replace a server that was acting up.

Every single day, I see posts asking how to choose a new computer for Lightroom.

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