Updating battlefield 2

(THE ZAPETH, and all other who made the dedicated server from scratch) For how to install this, and setup client check the tutorial under the "files" section here in sourceforge page!

Gepaart mit nativen Compilern und Komponentenbibliotheken für die schnelle Entwicklung unter Windows, Mac OS, i OS, Android und Linux arbeitet Delphi mit nur einem Quellcode.

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I am working to finish all the premium assignments and have completed all but the wench weilder assignment.Yet Battlefield 2 lives on, including its online multiplayability, at this site: A team of fans have set up a nexus for Battlefield 2 servers, made possible by the server files for Battlefield 2 having been leaked long ago.And more than just provide places to play Battlefield 2 online, they've also created a custom installer of Battlefield 2 that includes everything needed to play the game, which can be downloaded from the website freely.Also, I just recently complete my engineering service star 3 but I never got the 10000 points or anything saying that I completed it. The reason you haven't completed the shotgun assignment is probably because you weren't using the engineer class when you got the kills.Although it doesn't say it in the assignment, you must get 25 shotgun kills as an engineer to complete.

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