Twenty something dating blog

The blog has since become a go-to resource for creative entrepreneurs looking for advice about design and photography (and blogging tips too).

This blog could fit into the ‘blogs for entrepreneurial twentysomethings’ category, but it’s Chaitra’s helpful how-to posts that led me to put it here instead.

Melyssa also shares a breakdown of her income from her blog and exactly what she did to get it (as well as her expenses too).

It’s this kind of transparency and authenticity that makes me trust that the advice I’m getting really is going to work.

a twentysomething that isn’t paid to travel the world.

And it wasn’t always her full-time gig, so Brooke (and her team of writers) share travel advice that actually applies to a ‘normal’ twentysomething – i.e.And while that may sound alarmingly similar to the sea of other Youtubers out there, it’s her bubbly personality that has me coming back more.I also LOVE watching her Chaitra is a blogger from Seattle who started Pink Pot as a creative outlet.To learn my blogging secrets and join a like-minded community of up and coming bloggers who are ready to finally get out of their own way, It’s a website run by a team of 14 women and it’s not just full of fluff (like some magazine-style websites can be).The Everygirl is full of in-depth articles with practical and actionable advice to help you get what you want out of life – these women have Need some career inspiration? The Everygirl feature a tonne of women who are successful in either the entrepreneurial or corporate world and really dig into how they got to where they are today. Most of them had no idea what they were doing in their twenties either!

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