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DJs, live music, and drag entertainment make this place a party nearly every night of the week.Visitors here have planned Stonewall’s heroic role in kicking off the 1969 riots of the same name is celebrated each June during pride month.And they are, after all, Manhattan’s only truly lesbian bars.This may not be the best Therapy for social anxiety, but if you’re soothed by Absolut-forward cocktails in plastic cups and hundreds of sweaty guys pressed up against you, start your treatment at this HK lounge.

Hell’s Kitchen regulars make up a bulk of the tourist-light bar, and with two-for-one drinks before 9pm on weekdays, it’s easy to see why the neighborhood comes out to this Wild West-style spot.

Bigger parties abound on weekends, like Friday night’s long-running Lesbo-a-gogo -- a go-go dance party on Stonewall’s top level. One of the oldest spots of its kind in New York City, Julius got its start as a grocery store in the 1840s and evolved into a full-fledged gay bar after about a hundred years.

Visitors and lifelong New Yorkers drop in for a pint just to say they’ve been here, and neighborhood regulars have been coming back for the usual for decades.

And though it may be a challenge to venture from the comfort of your neighborhood gay bar, these LGBTQ bars and clubs across the city offer some of the best queer nightlife in all five boroughs.

One of the last remaining lesbian bars in NYC, Cubbyhole is beloved by LGBTQ women across generations for its charming, slightly grungy, minimally eccentric fashion.

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