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If you are looking to open an offshore account, it is always best to obtain paid legal and financial advice beforehand–especially since some countries change their international banking rules with every change of government.You can save a lot of money using an offshore account as a tax haven, BUT, liquid banking laws and crackdowns by the IRS make offshore banking less attractive than it was to save on taxes.The fee doesn’t include the opening balance amount, which is the money you need to pay into the account to open it.

All of them have transfer fees that differ depending on what account you transfer your money from.You will need a notarized copy of your passport, a domestic ban reference letter from a bank you have been with at least 2 years, and some ask for a professional (Attorney/Accountant) reference from somebody you have had a professional relationship with for at least 2 years.You will also need to show a utility bill that proves where you live.There are transfer fees with most of their accounts.If you use your bank account to sign for other accounts and pay for other things, then there are a slew of restrictions.

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