Teen sex meeting site

“I met a friend on [the Play Station gaming system] PS3 and I gave [him] my phone numbers.

And we were, like, sending pictures to each other and texting.

Perhaps because they have spent more time online and have become more familiar with digital platforms, older teens are more likely than younger teens to have made friends online: 60% of those ages 15 to 17 vs. Older boys are especially likely to have made friends online (67% have done so).

Hispanic teens (64%) are more likely than whites (53%) to have made friends online. Typical was one middle school boy in our focus groups who explained, “I met him – [he’s] from Africa or something.

When it comes to social media — another major networked environment in teens’ lives — teenage social media users are more than twice as likely as those not on social media to have made online friends (61% vs. And, as is the case with gaming, social media use is heavily correlated with making a relatively large number of friends online.

Fully 31% of teen social media users have made more than five friends online, compared with just 10% of teens who do not use social media.

Six-in-ten teens with smartphone access (60%) have made friends online, compared with 48% of those who do not use smartphones.

Interviewer: So somebody tried to become your friend and that was really weird. wanted to become a friend.” Teens’ access to — and use of — various technology platforms is tightly linked with their tendency to make friends online.

Specifically, teens who use networked online environments like gaming or social media platforms tend to be more likely to make friends online than other teens.

Teens also play with friends they know in person (89%), friends they know only online (54%) and online with others who are not friends (52%).

In the gaming context, teens who play games online with others — especially those who do so on a regular basis — are more likely than other teens to make friends online, and are also more likely to make a large number of online friends.

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