Taylor swift needs to stop dating

She goes from insulting Taylor Swift to apologizing to her, and then admitting her love for her.

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As I’m sure you’ve heard, the never ending Katy Perry and Taylor Swift feud is continuing to do just that: not end.Because the best advice is often the simplest: Move the haters to the left, and just shake it off.By far, her magnum opus is "Blank Space." A lot has already been written about how the music video is brilliant because Taylor makes fun of her image as a psycho man-eater, and therefore takes ownership of her own stereotype.Meanwhile, Taylor has been silent on the whole situation for a while now, which just shows one thing: Katy is still using this for publicity because she has nothing else to use to get people talking.At this point, it’s obvious that Katy is holding onto the spotlight by mentioning Taylor’s name at any given moment, and…

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