Tahj mowry dating Cam2 srx

Talking back about their relationship both of them were seriously a hot couple.

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He probably only trusts guys who he knows wont say anything, those are very few when you are 30.

That's probably why he broke it off with that Justin Lee character. I wonder if Taj is closeted - he is gay and knows it, yet hides it, or if he's in denial - so he's fighting it and honestly can say he doesn't have sex with men because he actually hasn't - he's too scared. If he's closeted because he thinks it will hurt his career to be out then he's delusional about his chances at super stardom.

If he's closeted because of religion then then clearly he doesn't love himself enough.

Lol even thinking about Blake Mc Iver Ewing's name makes me laugh. You can tell Wendy knows it too, but just dances around it by constantly asking if he's got a significant other. Lee's IG has a couple of photos with a lovely Hispanic model Jordan Rodriguez, see R41.

It's a little pretentious, but also a little porn-y. I guess R58 is the model who does hot yoga with Jason Lee's little model buddy. Rodriguez has photos and apparently works with Indar. Jordan and Indar are the type of guy I would think Tahj would date. Jason said at the Love & Hip Hop reunion that he had not come out to his family when he was outed by Hazel, which is what made him pissed.

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