Stopping all operations completed firmware updating failed

I'm really excited what is the problem that about a few hundreds drones won't update....

In the automobile world it certainly would get a recall for this issue Three weeks I have already sent the logs..

This is just an idea for example, to resolve in a clean and fast mode this question, if the log analisys shows some issues in the Mavic hardware obviously. 1.03.0600) for weeks and, like you, it fails at 74%. The transceiver and the battery will accept the upgrade, but the aircraft will not.

the best thing of course is that the whole issue could be solved by software, so that I don't have to send you back anything for repairs You're not alone. The transceiver and the battery will accept the upgrade, but the aircraft will not. I've tried on my Pixel, my laptop running Windows 8.1, a desktop running Windows 10, and a Macbook. Also I noticed that after trying again and again to upgrade firmware now my Remote control is not anymore recognized by the PC (tried 2 PC) but works fine trough my android tablet, I am an IT professional and there is no way I can get the pcs to see the remote anymore... Very disappointed with DJI quality of engineering and software support.

Hi to everyone , i'm Fabrizio, from Ravenna (Italy) i bought my Mavic Pro 3 weeks ago, and i flew with it 3-4 times until now.

One of the thing that makes my crazy is that every time i connect smartphone and rc, and the the Mavic, the DJI GO4 apps tells me that a new firmware is available (v. I start the upgrade procedure with smartphone connected with the rc via USB cable (my smartphone is an Asus Zenfone Deluxe 2 and works well with the Mavic Pro, just in case someone wants to know..) but at 76% it stops for few minutes, then continue (in this time both Mavic and rc restarts one time) and at the end the app says that 'Update Failed, try again later, REASON 0x02010003).

Oh yeah another one to join the party with update trouble :-D Welcome to the club, mate. For some reason not every Mavic Pro can install the update to FW . i cannot think that after months of thinkings and savings, i buy my Mavic and after almost 1 month i have to send it for a 'repair' (what repair is needed ?

what is the time i have to remain without the Mavic? Here in Italy customer policy in case similar to this is very simple and clear: If the product is defective from the factory, and this seems to me to be this case (not damaged or other, but has an internal issue from factory) , it must be replaced with a new fully functional one, and not repaired, even if under warranty.

I've tried using the latest DJI GO 4 app and the latest DJI Assistant 2. Each time, I have to downgrade to factory defaults and then upgrade back to (v. The discussion is very simple: if Mavic that won't upgrade firmware have some hardware issues, they have to work to offer us the possibility of receiving in very short time new fully working drone immediately, for which we paid a lot of money, and AFTER THAT or in the same time, in cooperation with internation courier service that they use, to recall all the defective drones.

For now i'm using it with the fw, and waiting for good news to do a clean ad succesfully fw update in the near future..

Could you please export the upgrading log so we can forwarded it to the engineers for a further analysis?

i am waiting that hard for the spark - but not with this support and firmwares like that. I have connected the Mavic to the RC and tried to upgrade the RC via DJI Assistant. It might not just be a problem with this version of FW ?? Today I have done something different than the other days.

I performed the upgrade and it stuck on a different point. Waiting for replies, before to take decision to send Mavic far somewhere, Without knowing anything about the times and what will be repaired... I have connected the Mavic to the RC and tried to upgrade the RC via DJI Assistant.

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