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You can only discover that when you try and speed dating lets you see who you want to try this out with.

I've had my fair share of false opportunities before (and written about them on my blog too) so this was a refreshing change.

First time speed dating - and I have to say that the event itself was slickly organised and designed to make sure that it is a fun evening out; the fact that I got matched with someone I had my eye on helped of course!

I was a little suspicious and wondered if a speed dating event would make much sense.

When you walk up to a girl you don't have to wonder if she's single or not; if she wants to talk to you or not. Imagine going out to a bar or club and meeting 15 women in one night and having their undivided attention for at least 4 minutes. Four minutes doesn't sound like much time, but it's enough to see if there is a spark. I've gotten some dates online, but few of them turned into a second date. Everything is explained to you very clearly before the event begins.

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On my part, I liked all the men, but I could not circle all of them because I was afraid if nobody would circle me, it would be a total disaster for my ego:-) With these few sentences, I would very much like to thank all the participants; it was the best speeddating I have ever gone to. However, after the event finished and results became available, I was quite surprised (sometimes even puzzled): other girls selected me, and not this one!At speed dating, you get to sit down with a number of lovely people, quickly chat and conclude whether you would like to find out more.Sure - it's possible that none of the women would end up being The One; but that's not the point.:) On Monday, October 13th, I went to the speeddating Rande Motyl organized by Jana Olivova.I know this Agency for a long time and I know that Jana is a real professional.

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