Sophia lie josh hartnett dating

Josh Hartnett and his gorgeous girlfriend, Norwegian model Sophia Lie, drop by the Thompson Chemists Pharmacy in the So Ho neighborhood of New York City on Saturday (September 5).

Josh, 31, and Sophia, 20, have been dating for several months now. A few months ago, Sophia shared her earliest fashion memory: “I used to go to the opera with my mom when I was five, and I remember seeing the beautiful gowns that the women would wear.

Earlier in the day, the 31-year-old kicked back while Sophia swam in the ocean, sporting a bright pink bikini.

He was seen out with Norweigan model Sophia Lie in Italy over the weekend.

The two were photographed kissing on a yacht and at dinner. Magazine’s report: Actor Josh Hartnett and his Norwegian girlfriend Sophia Lie’s relationship is heating up while the couple enjoy each other’s company on a vacation in Italy.

Sophia managed to multi-task riding a bicycle which munching on a veggie-burger as the couple made their way through their New York neighbourhood while the Pearl Harbour star carried a large bag of groceries.

Josh Hartnett and Sophia Lie took a stroll on the streets of NYC's West Village on Thursday.

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