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Pierre always has secret guards looking out for him as he is a prince from another country, but he hardly even notices them as he happily goes about doing what he wants.

Many hardships are in her way, but as - and with - Xiaolian Melodia Thompson, she finds herself more prepared to face them than she believed she ever could be. Minor inclusion(s) that we don't feel warrant a full tag: Dragon Ball Z (some Saiyan characters)Temporary Hiatus started 4/16/2018 Touma struggles to deal with newfound fears after a humiliating display in the middle of a concert leaves him traumatized. “Kabuto is an awfully uncommon last name, isn’t it?Minori is indulgent of Pierre’s eccentricity and watchful of Kyoji’s silent worries.A literal flower-boy, Minori actually works at a flower shop on top of being very handsome. Because his students are so important to him, Hazama wanted to become an idol to inspire them to work hard.He also keeps his fellow members on track by keeping Yamashita diligent and Maita focused. As a former English teacher, he continues to use English words in nearly every sentence he speaks. He doesn’t seem to care about things like teaching, his appearance, or even idol work, but follows the example Hazama sets for him.Shiki is the super energetic and outspoken member whose flashy appearance and emphatic way of speaking set him apart.

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