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The following year Israel declared the city its capital.

During the Six-Day War of 1967, the Jewish state occupied the Jordanian sector and shortly thereafter expanded the city boundaries—thereby annexing some areas of the West Bank previously held by the Jordanians—and extended its jurisdiction over the unified city. (For more information on the conflict between Israel and the Arabs, Jerusalem plays a central role in the spiritual and emotional perspective of the three major monotheistic religions.

This leaves a magnitude of space for prospective loving, caring, passionate, and dedicated Filipina wives for you as a bachelor.

Not only do Filipinas have aggressively and arguably dominant self-care in hygiene, but they also take pride in their physique—many running, eating smarter, and being very (holistically at times) nutritionally educated and aware, regardless of education level—as it’s often taught at home.

Long an object of veneration and conflict, the holy city of Jerusalem has been governed, both as a provincial town and a national capital, by an extended series of dynasties and states.

In the early 20th century the city, along with all of historic Palestine, became the focus of the competing national aspirations of Zionists and Palestinian Arabs. The United Nations (UN) attempted to declare the city a (Latin: “separate entity”)—and, thus, avert further conflict—but the first Arab-Israeli war, in 1948, left Jerusalem divided into Israeli (west Jerusalem) and Jordanian (east Jerusalem) sectors.

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This is a very attractive trait and reality, especially for western men, as some of the leading countries such as the United States are dominating the world in obesity-related illnesses and deaths—starting as young as their mid to late 20’s!

Filipina women always dress to impress, have a great taste in perfumes (without racking up 0.00’s on big name brands like Versace), love to and take great pride in looking nice no matter where they’re going, and interestingly enough (as it’s significant) bathe often between 2-3 times per day because of the climate—and because they just love smelling fresh and being their best!

Unbeknownst to many men, the Philippines actually has over 2,000 inhabited islands, with 7 major islands, and over 13 languages!

The US-led coalition fighting ISIS, which has backed Kurdish forces battling the group, then bombed the building on Monday, destroying it and killing ISIS militants inside, said the Syrian Revolution General Commission.

The extremists have declared a self-styled caliphate in the regions of both countries that are under their control, killing members of religious minorities, driving others from their homes, enslaving women and destroying houses of worship.

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