Most girls will be upfront if you do invite them back to your house that there will be none of that.So it is then up to you if you go ahead with the invite or move on.How to make a girl ready for sex is not an event that guys can actually control.If your girlfriend wants sex and you are alone together then good for you, you have scored. If you have met a great girl at the pub and you want to take her home and make wild passionate love to her, well that is going to be her call.If she has not taken it off the table for the night, then back off. If you are doing all her favorite moves and she is not responding in a way that tells you she is turned on, it just is not worth pushing it.Once she says “I am not in the mood tonight honey” you can rest assured you are not getting any. In other words do not give her any clues that you would love to have sex with her. I don’t mean you should be stand offish, just a little out of her reach.Most men who try this mess it up big time, they go overboard with the stand offish attitude.

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