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Initially, at the outset of the campaign, they were actually measuring blood flow, and not hydration itself.

Their thinking being that they could use blood flow as a proxy for hydration.

But recently, a lot of has come into question about where the company actually stands with that product. To sum up things up: BSX killed their existing Insight sensor lineup, they delayed LVL a year, they let go of key staff, and oh, LVL isn’t actually measuring hydration. Over the past two months I’ve talked with current and former employees of BSX – including their CEO, which has helped me piece together a more clear picture of where they stand.

And unfortunately, there’s little good news anywhere in here.

When I first posted about BSX about a year ago, things looked both positive, albeit on stretched out timelines.

The company had shown data that illustrates their sensor tech could determine hydration status when compared against the ‘gold standard’ for that particular field.

Mnogo nam se svidja Blanka i kako se ona kara i gleda sa svojim krupnim okama u svog jebaca.

It’s not until much later that you start to focus on miniaturization, though certainly you’d have planned to get to that point.

Hopefully with their past experience, they’ve set reasonable timeframes.”See, everything up until this point had been done on larger prototype devices, slightly smaller than a deck of cards.

These photos show off this unit from Kickstarter updates last October.

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