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You probably know a lot of it, because I'd kind of become the darling of the chat shows. So, some of it wasn't true, I have made myself very windswept and interesting, as the years have gone on. I've fought being plain all my life, but it keeps coming back. when I buy something expensive, I look as if I stole it, you know. People give me presents, you know, like Cartier glasses. Then you DEFINITELY should not be posting pictures of my child.Maybe I’m old fashioned – or maybe that is just because I would like someone to understand that they should ask first. I say that because most Englishmen think they're called "Partick Thistle Nil", right. I'm not saying "love me, love me, i'm thick.", right, but there are a lot of things, that my brain won't allow me to understand, you know, because they are so incredibly boring. The ones they talk about in those political programs as the ordinary people. When you go to your work in the morning, like 8 o'clock or whenever you start, you don't sort of go "8 o'clock, tschee", and into it.

I don't remember it much, because we left when I was three or four, and I was brought up in Partick in Glascow, where Partick Thistle originally came from. And they are always good for a laugh, you know, Partick Thistle, and they, yeah, what can I say.

We see, among others and in no particular order: Bill Wyman, Bob Hopkins, Ringo Star, Julie Walters, Michael Parkinson, Nigel Planer, Bob Geldof, Robbie Coltrane, Joanna Lumley and Charles Dance.] Billy Connolly enters the stage in front of a wide back-projection screen showing his name in pink neon.

He silences the audience, turns to the screen and gestures.

Wondering if it’s ok to post a picture of my daughter on your Facebook page? If you don’t see any pics of her on there on my own page, chances are I’d not want any on yours.

If you can’t even see my Facebook page because we aren’t friends?

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