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Amsterdams Schiphol airport is one of the worlds largest transportation hubs, and the port of Rotterdam is on of the biggest transshipment points of global trade. However, there are still some serious drawbacks to doing business in the Netherlands, and old traditions die hard in this country.Holland has the highest rate of temporary workers in the world, and the glass ceiling is firmly in place for women trying to get to the top of any business structure.Whether you call it Dutch, Holland or the Netherlands, this place is still incredibly productive and industrious compared to any other nation on earth.

She worked in avant garde thater productions and visual arts, until she found her voice and the words to stir up the music scene, producing one of the first independent rock DIY albums, recorded in 1974.Women do not exist at the managerial level in the Netherlands, or very rarely.This part-time work mentality leads to masses of people with careers in a virtual loop of always looking for the next job, and no stability.The City Navigator is easy to use and filled with 500 selected points of interest; tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, entertainment, museums, cultural hotspots etc., as well as various interesting pedestrian routes. In the historical centre of Amsterdam they virtually stand on every street corner staring at a city map trying to figure out how to get to their next destination.The City Navigator helps its users to find their way effortlessly through the beautiful Dutch capital with turn-by-turn directions in all European languages. The strength of navigation systems that use the Global Positioning System is that it always displays the exact position on an electronic map and that is where the fun starts.

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