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If you also include people who wait for a while but don’t wait all the way until marriage, then the percentage goes up even higher.

For example, 11% of modern 25-year-olds have not had premarital sex.

If you’re curious: After an initial drop in waiting till marriage during the 60s, our share of the population has held pretty stable for the last 40 years. Sources: Mike handles all of the programming and design work for

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Naturally, religious people seem more likely to wait until marriage to have sex.I think you could make the case that cultural have changed less than you think.Even though waiting until marriage for sex was much more expected in the 1950s, those who actually waited were still in the minority.If you include higher ages, then the percentage goes down to the 3% number.To give you some perspective: About 4% of the US population is gay.

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