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A report released by the Department of Interior’s Office of Inspector General earlier this month elucidates the missing EEO report, documenting that Uberuaga said he “closely guarded” it and that he “confirmed that he did not provide the report to HR or GRCA managers, and did not request HR personnel’s opinions about potential disciplinary action against the employees named in the report.” (All requests for comment on this article were directed to Park Service spokesman James Doyle.

Doyle says the service is “addressing ways to make sure the established rules and regulations are adhered to.”) The OIG report said women provided “evidence of discrimination, retaliation, and a sexually hostile work environment” committed by a handful of boatmen and supervisors, all River District employees at the Grand Canyon, over a 15-year period.

Then, in a fact perhaps more telling than even the testimonies by multiple women at Grand Canyon, the EEO report disappeared.

Several employees said they were interviewed by the EEOC for the investigation, but after three to four months, heard nothing else from administrators about the findings.

He has been an intermittent boatman for more than 10 years at the Grand Canyon and was the only man among the 13 complainants who requested the OIG investigation.

These boatmen and supervisors are often considered heroes, and nobody, especially managers and executives, wanted to believe they were capable of harassment and abuse, Hall says.

Superintendents, regional and national executives take trips with their families, politicians and celebrities, their trips guided by the handful of boatmen accused of sexual harassment, according to three complainants that requested the investigation, which does not name the boatmen or their accusers.

Working in small groups with instructors who live and breathe battery-­based PV, students install, test, and commission numerous PV systems with energy storage that address a wide range of applications.

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Her report led to an investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which ended around October 2013.

The commission issued a report to Superintendent David Uberuaga, who oversees park management, when it was completed.

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