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Alexander from the movie when he is tormenting his roommate. I run in cyclesand right now I'd rather be entertained, so I've been picking up a bunch of DVD's that I can enjoy on an entertainment if I run into Gimpwell that's a plus.

He actually does a pretty good impersonation, as he did in a Season 5 repeat that aired on Friday night (with music from A Clockwork Orange playing in the background). Plus .75 cents a DVD (on some) I can get quite a few.

That hasn't stopped it from being an issue that some grab onto for their own reasons and this is why it's practically disappeared from the mainstream media. Haven't heard anyone mention here mention the TV series "Machines of Malice" which is playing on the Discovery Channel up here.

For most producers, it just isn't worth the risk of having your movie condemned publicly. I've seen four or five episodes over the last two seasons.

Later he trolleys one away from the other two and lowers her onto a table.

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But some places changed to the 'lever arm' method where she could be suspended in a modified hogtie over the fire and raised up and down as the executioner chose.In most of the 'modern' world, women are little more than human chattel or property with only the rights given to them by religion or customs dating from hundreds/thousands of years ago.You have to go back to the time before the monolithic religions when civilizations had women as gods but even then common women were more property than human.The three cousins are unconscious on rolling tables as he pulls their arms out from under the sheets that are covering them and attaches their wrists to overhead hoists.With all three hooked up, he pushes the button as they are lifted off the table to hang by their wrists nude. Still very nice visuals as they have their ankles secured together with leather straps and all three are tape gagged.

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