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Thanks to the blogger’s detective skills we know that Analicia is currently in New York. The blogger told me that Ana’s last Snapchat activity was at p.m. My friend said Ana tried to play it off like she’s in NY with the brother of hip hop moguls Akon and Bu Thiam — a young baller who goes by the username Bassforreal on Instagram.

But after checking his Snapchat, it appears Bassforreal wasn’t with Ana last night.

Supportive friendships are built through our social events and programs such as CSC Book Club, Card Making, Coffee Chat and other social gatherings.

Stay up to date on all of our activities by checking our event calendar.

But I will say that the hotel employee has receipts that shows T. was a registered guest (under his government name) and that a female’s name was added to T.

I.’s room as someone who had 24/7 access to his room.

In addition to treatment protocols, patients benefit from programs and services offered through the Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship and other support services.

Cancer Support Community (CSC) at GHS offers support programs to address the social and emotional needs of all cancer survivors.

Most caregivers go above and beyond to provide care for their loved ones, and sometimes their own needs can be overlooked.

Frankly Speaking About Cancer® Education Series provides sound medical and psychological information for cancer patients and their loved ones.

Sample topics include; Spotlight on Breast Reconstruction, Cancer Treatments and Side Effects, Ten Tips for Caregivers, Spotlight on New Discoveries, Living Healthy with Cancer, and Frankly Speaking about Lung Cancer.

Classes in complementary therapies such as reiki, aromatherapy and acupuncture are offered monthly.

Workshops are offered intermittently and include topics such as quality of life with chronic cancer, living wills and talking to your kids about cancer.

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