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Nagus and get more info on you, you will get a permanent place in our Hall Of Shame.Here is the video: And here is the link to the article by Chris: News 4 Calls Out Questinable Charity For Veterans And Its Organizer UPDATE:20130219 This is what happens when you, the fans, push an issue.According to court documents, he posted a Craigslist ad earlier this year about a raffle for a veterans’ charity called “Veterans Aid from All Foreign Wars.” He listed prizes worth thousands for the winners of the raffle. Louis area where he told women he worked for a number of government agencies and served as a U. Marine in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to court documents. He told victims he currently worked undercover in north St. The ad promises up to 0 a night, so one of our producers responded. Buckingham said he was going to hold a raffle on July 4 with prizes of several thousand dollars.He introduced himself as Tyler and went on to tell the News 4 producer about his past. He hired several women to sell the tickets at various bars throughout the St.They know if they steal anything from me that it would be the last money they ever see from me so they are not going to risk that.

Sources tell News 4 the man is being investigated by the Internal Affair Department because lying about employment with Homeland Security can be a crime.

I completely ignore them because they are thiefs & scam artists.

They talk to me in english I just tell them to leave.

I would never bring them to Canada & I know I'm the sugar daddy & enjoy every minute of it. I know they are not that intelligent & I am the best thing that ever happened to them.

I set them up bank accounts & send them a modest 50CUC\month each.

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