Sedating cats for plane travel

Giving a tranquilliser to your pet before travelling has pros and cons.Sedation can have side effects, including lowering body temperature (which could be an issue if your pet is flying in the cargo area of a plane), and causing hypotension (low blood pressure), your pet may not eat and drink normally if sedated therefore leading to dehydration and other problems.We will be able to advise you about parasite protection and other health considerations that may be different at your destination.If you decide to leave your pet at home, we can recommend a good boarding facility or pet sitting service.

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There are many factors you can’t control when you are on the road, but changing your pet’s food can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, or other problems that can be difficult to deal with while travelling.

Snake bites are also common in rural areas, do your research, know the symptoms and make sure you know the local vet's contact details.

Spontaneity and family emergencies aside, most of us wouldn’t take a trip without planning some things ahead of time.

If possible, research the contact details for a veterinarian at your destination; we may even be able to make some recommendations.

This is especially important if your pet has an existing medical problem or is on medication.

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